Permanent Recruitment Service

Handling permanent recruitment in-house can be a drain on a company’s resources, yet it is vital for ensuring a company’s competence, stability and profitability.

Reeracoen’s permanent recruitment services help clients focus on their business, instead of the recruitment process. With an Asia-wide network of 17 branches in 10 countries across Asia, Reeracoen’s recruitment consultants can help you source and shortlist the best candidates to raise your company’s capabilities to the next level.

Reeracoen Finds the Right Candidates for the Job

Reeracoen Finds the Right Candidates for the Job

The main priority for any recruitment service or executive search service is finding the right candidate for the job. This involves setting up budget, skill and background criteria to match candidates according to your needs. We specialize in finding qualified and experienced people to fill crucial positions in your company. We focus on candidates that will provide a high ROI and fit in with your company’s culture.

This is especially important in the area of executive recruitment services. The executives we place are skilled managers, leaders, and specialists capable of raising your company’s performance to the next level.

We have been successful in placing 300 of candidates in many different roles each year, from highly-qualified engineers and business managers, to representatives and technicians in various industries.

Permanent Recruitment Helps Reduce Training Costs

Permanent Recruitment Helps Reduce Training Costs

We emphasize the word ‘permanent’ in the services we offer. The cost of training employees can lower a company’s profitability and affect its operational stability. With a reduction in staff turnover being a high priority in the business world today, Reeracoen finds candidates that are focused on finding permanent employment.

We concentrate on providing experienced and capable candidates who can step into a position, and make meaningful contributions to the success of the company from day one.

Reeracoen’s Commitment To Our Clients

  • Substantial Database of Qualified Applicants

    Substantial Database of Qualified Applicants

    We have the information of more 50,000 candidates in our local Taiwan-based database, including over 10,000 Japanese nationality candidates. We can introduce you to a talent pool that is ideal for your requirements.

  • Contingent Fee System

    Contingent Fee System

    Our fees are not incurred until employment is considered successful by our clients. We are also pleased to refund fees if the placed candidate leaves within the guarantee period.

  • Reeracoen Takes the Hassle Out of Hiring

    Reeracoen Takes the Hassle Out of Hiring

    Our services allow clients to focus on their businesses. We look after the recruitment process from job advertisement to successful employment. This includes screening, arrangement of the work schedule, and the salary and benefits negotiation.

  • Serving %{country}

    Serving Taiwan

    We have a office in Taipei offering permanent recruitment and executive recruitment services.

    We draw on the best candidates from our vast database of qualified individuals in Taiwan and across Asia.

Your job is to run your business well.
Your job is to run your business well.
Your job is to run your business well.

Our job is to make it easier.