Sales Manager(Start up/Mobility industry)-日系汽車製造業ID:16976

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    社長/最高経営責任者・董事長/最高經營負責人, 最高財務責任者・最高財務負責人, 統括マネージャー・總管理者, 役員、幹部・領導人、幹部, その他・其他, セールスエンジニア・業務工程師, 調査(リサーチ)/開発・調查(市場)/開發, 回路設計(設計/導入)・迴路設計(設計/導入), サービス/セールスエンジニア・服務/業務工程師, 調査(リサーチ)/開発・調查(市場)/開發, 電子機械設計・電子機械設計, サービス/セールスエンジニア・服務/業務工程師, 営業(法人)・業務(法人)

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  • 工作内容

    The company are manufacturing ”Electric Vehicle” in Japan and was established in Taiwan since 2022 .

    〇Main product:”3 wheel Electric Vehicle”

    【Job description】
    Client are looking for a Sales Manager , your responsibility is to penetrate company business and products in Taiwan market and create profitable business , develop and deepen customer relationships, locate new potential and create growth in Taiwan.

    - Responsible for penetrating our business in Taiwan market
    - Ask consumer demand directly
    - Talk to R&D team and negotiate technically based on what consumer needed
    - Planning campaigns and promoting sales
    - Join management MTG and give effective strategy in terms of sales profit
    - Task as needed

    - Total staff:5 people (Japanese 3, Taiwanese 2)
    - Report line:Japanese manager

  • 應徵條件

    - At least 5 years experience in automotive industry as sales manager or marketing manager
    - Has Sales or Marketing skill/knowledge to penetrate automotive business in Taiwan market

    - English language ability
    - Japanese language ability

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  • 工作時間

    9:00(未定) ~ 18:00(未定)

  • 假日

    Marketing events will be held in Sat,Sun ,so this position need to work on holiday but its depends

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